Strategy, Content & Engagement

PR on-demand: B2B, B2C and B2G

Our service portfolio is divided into three categories. This allows us to serve any company, regardless of what stage it is in the brand building journey. We can co-create projects offering only the content production, for example;  but we can also offer bigger packages of possibilities with multidisciplinary planning and strategies, all adapted to the size of the business and the available investment.


"I just need the 'kick-off idea', my team will operate". Great! We can offer a vast possibilities of PR strategies like, PR Plan, Public-Affairs and Advocacy Plan, Stakeholders Mapping, Employee Value Propositions plan, Thought Leadership Agenda, Crisis Map, Media audit projects, Media Landscapes, Influencers Mapping, Social Impact Plan, Mixed Strategy with paid and organic media and whatever our clients need in order to co-create the most efficient  strategies for their scenario.


"I have the Idea, I just need somebody with the operation".  Our constellation of PR experts has many shinny stars, ready to tell your story! We can produce Press releases, bylined articles, white papers, statements, newsletters, communication for employees, speeches, inphographics, memes, visual presentations, gifs, and all kind of elements you need to create and tell a very relevant story.


"I just need to amplify my network". This is why we are here! We know you have all the needed elements to build your reputation but you are new in the party. We can connect you to Brazilian NGOs, journalists, influencers, decision makers, entrepreneurs, potential partners and any kind of stakeholders. We can disclose you press releases, promote press conferences, create your mailing, map your influencers, train your employees and your C-Levels to talk to media and prevent crises. We can be your bridge, you just need to show us your target and we will connect you there!

Atlantic-Network is a Brazilian Public Relations firm with focus on international companies interested in doing business in the country.  We work with B2B, B2C and B2B segments offering media relations, public affairs, crisis management and other corporate communications services.